Aethyr Candle - Citrus 08

Aethyr Candle - Citrus 08


What is it?

A super scented candle made with soy and coconut wax, the finest oils and cotton wicks. A blend of grapefruit, vetiver and wood. Citrus, smooth and sexy! No added dyes or chemicals and vegan to. Burn time of 40 hours.

Why we love it!

Ooo this one is cheeky, the lovely scent of grapefruit for a citrus punch but the sweetness taken out by the woody tones. An awesome blend, and could easily be a summer or winter blend. This one is really good!

How to use it!

Light it and enjoy it! Especially on a cosy evening. Leave candle to burn until all the wax on the top is melted, other wise you’ll get a hole in your candle. Don’t leave your candle burning unattended, that would be silly.

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