Aethyr Candle - Flowers 06

Aethyr Candle - Flowers 06


What is it?

A super scented candle made with soy and coconut wax, the finest oils and cotton wicks. A blend of iris, violet and green leaf. Fresh, floral but not sweet. No added dyes or chemicals and vegan to. Burn time of 40 hours.

Why we love it!

A really floral scent but its not sweet, smells of a spring garden once the rain has come. Another clever blend from these guys, it burns so well.

How to use it!

Light it and enjoy it! Especially on a cosy evening. Leave candle to burn until all the wax on the top is melted, other wise you’ll get a hole in your candle. Don’t leave your candle burning unattended, that would be silly.

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