It's all about Mii!!!

It was great to see so many lovely faces at the Mii Make-up Evening on Monday night!  If you couldn’t make it along this time, let me fill you in!

Becky Poole from Mii Cosmetics taught us all a thing or two about make-up application and the wonderful products Mii offer, by demonstrating a full-face application on our beautiful Kelly. 

She started by prepping the face with Silk Smoothing Face Prep Primer which has a soothing lavender scent and has been proven to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles by up to 44% due to its potent peptide formula containing Matrixyl 3000 if used every day for a month.  It also doubles the production of collagen in the skin to plump dull/saggy looking cells and helps minimise large open pores.

Becky then applied the Absolute Face Base (04) with the Miracle Base Brush using only 1 pump of foundation to cover the whole face.   (My last blog post was all about this product so check it out below if you want to find out more about the ingredients and finish). Becky then went over the base with a stippling brush to even out and given an airbrush effect to the coverage. 

Moving on to bronzer and blush!  Many of us use either or, but in reality we should really use both! Bronzer is great to add warmth to the face, and can be used to contour/shade off areas we don’t want to draw attention to.  Using a blusher to complement this can give a colour injection and lift areas of the face.  So using, Bronzing Face Finish with the Perfect Finish Brush Becky made a large sweeping figure of 3 around Kellys face, starting at the forehead, working down to the cheekbone and then the jawline and repeating on the opposite side. 

The Blossoming Cheek Colour cream blusher (which everyone received in their Mii Beauty Bags at the end of the evening), was used to add an injection of colour and was applied by warming the cream in the hand then using the index finger to lightly pat upwards and outwards on the cheekbones. To add some luminosity to the face, Becky patted the Sublime Skin Illuminator around the top of the cheekbone area to reflect light particles as they reach the skin. 

For a simple eye-look, Becky applied One and Only Eye Colour in Blink 02 (a pressed micronized mineral eyeshadow) with Mii’s Special FX brush to the first half of the eye around the socket line.  Then by softly building up the colour intensity using Haze 05 and the Defining Eye Pencil to add definition around the lid, before applying the Show Stopping Lash Lover mascara for a full lash effect.  Becky added a little lift to the brow arches by using the Brow by Mii Detailer in Medium to help fill any gaps.

For Kelly’s lovely lips, Lip Liner in Smitten was used to define the lip before applying the Silk Cream Lip Lover in Cheeky.  This new lipstick gives a great block of colour with a visibly glossy effect, so no need to apply lip gloss over the top with this one.

To finish the look, a small amount of the Pure Wonder Concealer was applied  to plump dull looking cells and help disguise grey tones under the eye area for that, I-feel-wide-awake-when-really-I’m-half-asleep-look!

At the end of the evening I had the chance to catch up with Becky after her very informative demonstration where I asked her to tell me a little bit more about her favourite Mii product.  

I would choose the Forever Eye Colour Crayon in Antique 05 as it’s such an amazing product, the colour is really intense, it’s so easy to use and apply (especially for those who wear glasses) and doesn’t move all day!
— Becky Poole, Mii Cosmetics

Becky also wanted to share with you these great top tips!

  1. Washing your make-up brushes on a regular basis (however boring it may be) means there’s less chance of spreading bacteria around your face and encouraging breakouts! So for synthetic brushes pour some baby shampoo/sensitive soap in the palm of your hand, swirl the brush around and then rinse with warm water.  Try to be delicate with the brush as you don't want to break the bristles, then leave to dry on a clean towel overnight!
  2. The Mii Blossoming Cheek Colour cream blush has a lovely vanilla scent and can double up as a lip balm too so it makes such a versatile handbag purchase!

All of the products are available at The Barn so if you couldn't make it to this event and would like to be colour matched for any of the Mii Cosmetics range, arrange an appointment with one of the therapists.  See you all soon Barnies!


Check out Becky's Facebook page for more information about Mii, or visit the Mii cosmetics webpage.