Phēnom-inal Nails

I’m one of those girls who loves to have pretty nails, but when I’m working full time, trying to be social, fitting in workouts and trying to keep the house clean, rarely do I find the time to keep my nails looking trim - or let’s put it this way, when I do I find I’ve got a spare half an hour to myself, I’ve smudged a nail before it’s dried or it’s chipped by the time I’ve gone to work the next day! Come on girls we’ve all been there!

I do love having my nails gelled as a treat, as acrylics, however lovely they are for one occasion, quite frankly just ruin my nails for the next 6 months after!  So Kelly suggested I give the Phēnom system a whirl. 

Jessica Nails is a brand we all know and love at The Barn.  Jessica Vartoughian (Founder and CEO) opened the first nails-only salon back in the 70s, and her company is now known in over 60 countries across the world! The key to her success has been understanding that no two sets of nails are alike, some of us have brittle nails, some strong, some damaged and can be short or long.  On this basis Jessica promotes premier natural nails for all! 

This new range promises a polish that ‘acts like a gel, removes easily like a regular nail varnish, dries quickly in natural light, lasts up to 10 days and gives a gel-like shine.’  Jessica Phēnom has all the benefits of a gel but without the need for UV lamps or curing time.  The secret to the Phēnom formula is a, “flexible polymer in the VIVD COLOUR polish and a photo initiator in FINALE SHINE topcoat, they react together with exposure to nature light to produce a tough, chip-resistant polish with a gel-like shine”.  

So I gave it a go using the 4 step method below:

1. Apply 1 coat of Basecoat – you can use any basecoat you like, but if you buy a custom Jessica Basecoat there’s more chance that the polish will last even longer and strengthen your nails at the same time.  Allow this to dry for 2 minutes.

2. Apply 1 coat of VIVID COLOUR (I tried out 024 Leading Lady), but there are 23 other shades to choose from.  Remember to seal the top edge of the nail completely. Allow 1 minute for this to dry. 

3. Apply a 2nd coat of VIVID COLOUR in the same way and allow to dry for a further 1 minute.

4. Lastly, apply FINALE SHINE in the same way with plenty on your brush. It’s recommended that you paint right over the edge of where you painted on the VIVID COLOUR, otherwise it will show when it dries (due to shrinkage).

After 10 minutes the colour will be touch dry (you can smooth the top without moving the polish). It won't be set for an hour but you can get on with day-to-day activities without smudging or making a mess of your freshly painted nails.  The VIVID COLOURS and FINALE SHINE cost £13.50 each and are available to buy from The Barn.  

I’ve really loved trying out this polish system, as it gives me the flexibility to change colours after 10 days by removing the colour with my regular nail polish remover, but still have great shiny colour that doesn’t chip or peel in between. This honestly is a revolution in great looking nails for girls on the go, I definitely recommend giving it a try!