Last week Teresa, Olivia and Abbi went to the Demalogica headquaters to learn all about the #1 award winning skincare.

They spent four intensive days learning everything from the products to the treatments. For more than 30 years Dermalogica have been teaching skin health to skin therapists, we learn the best from the best. They pride themselves on being experts in the field with products and treatments that work, providing skin care products for you Barnies to take home with you to carry on the skin treatment inbetween your professional facials. We have used Dermalogica in The Barn from the very beginning as they believe (as do we) that skin health goes farther than skin deep and skin care products should contain real ingredients with real results. You will not find mineral oil, lanolin, artificial colours or fragrances or micro plastics in any Dermalogica products. All packaging is recyclable and they do not test on animals...their beliefs fit perfectly with ours!

Whilst on training the girls learnt all about the products from their ingredients, benefits and how to use them so that they can advise and help all of you when you come into The Barn for your skin treatments. They then learnt how to examine the skin by face mapping and skin analysis to help identify issues in the skin and underlying casuses, this is the platform to provide skin advice and provide the Dermalogica professional skin treatment. The treatment is completely personalised for every client as it is designed to target their key skin concern while providing the ultimate experience and achieving skin health and real results. It wasn't all work work work though, after they learnt how to prescribe the correct products and treatments they were able to carry out the treatment on each other which includes a pressure point massage for ultimate relaxation.

We cant wait for you to experience the fantastic skin treatment and Dermalogica products thats why this months offer is a Dermalogica skin treatment with face mapping skin analysis included for only £25, half the original price. This offer is only available throughout October and cannot be booked with Kelly or Charlotte or in conjuction with any other offer. We are getting booked up already, avoid disapointment and contact us today to book in and get your skin ready for the winter.

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