Beauty really is skin deep

Hear from our lovely new PR girl Leah on her first ever facial - the Super Charged Facial!

I’ve always been a bit lazy when it comes to skincare. I’ve never had “bad” skin… never suffered with spots, acne, greasy skin – those typical teenage ailments seemed to pass me by (which I’m extremely grateful for). Moving into adulthood, nothing much changed. I did my best to take my make-up off at the end of the day (totally different story at the end of a night out) and I moisturised. Simple.

So, when I arrive for my Super Charged Facial with the lovely Kelly, I had no qualms. My skin is in good nick; I’m often told I look younger than my years (smug face), and I don’t really need this facial. Right?

Firstly Kelly shows me the range of products and equipment she’ll be using on my face. There’s quite a lot, but don’t be alarmed. They each do incredible things and they’re chosen based on my skin type.

Then she tests the hydration level of my skin. We’re made up of 65% water so our skin should ideally reflect that… make sense? And I moisturise all the time, so I’m going to smash this test. Right? (You can see where this is going can’t you?) So imagine my surprise when, after testing several areas of my face, I rock up at an average 30! My poor, parched skin.

“We want grapes, not raisins!” Kelly exclaims as she begins. I take it she means we want nice, firm, smooth skin, not a wrinkly, scrunched-up face. Let’s do this. Next my face receives a deep clean using a sonic brush. This takes off the day’s make-up and any build-up of old make-up, fake tan and even pollution. The vibration is super fast but comfortable.

Kelly then begins the wet/dry microdermabrasion. I can feel it gently exfoliating my skin, removing any impurities, dry bits of skin, etc., and as it infuses clean water back into my skin simultaneously, it feels really refreshing.

The ‘fascinated-by-weird-things’ part of me asks to see what the wet/dry microdermabrasion has removed. Kelly shows me a little pot of murky water which is made up of my dead skin cells, pollution, make up, fake tan… you name it. It’s ridiculously satisfying. And gross, yes.

Now it’s time to re-educate my facial muscles. They’ve gotten lazy (like my skincare routine) so we’re going to give them a boost using the latest micro-current technology. It’s essentially a non-surgical life; Kelly uses a specialist tool on different areas of my face; eyelids, smile creases, forehead… This little gadget increases my natural production of collagen and elastin, as well as increasing blood flow. I can hear Kelly chatting to herself “Good lift there, good lift…” and my inner monologue is cheering my muscles on.

Kelly then baffles me with her science knowledge (she does that a lot) – let’s talk iontophoresis. Yeah, exactly. I can’t even say it. Iontophoresis sends a mild electrical current through water and into the skin. It helps with product penetration, allowing the nutrients from the products we’ve used to penetrate into my skin during the treatment.

The science says it pushes approximately 45% more product into the skin than simply massaging it in. It’s a tingly sensation but it’s not uncomfortable.

Next Kelly places a clear hydrating mask on my face, some eye patches and a pair of protective goggles. It’s time for my LED treatment. I’m aware of some light and warmth as Kelly places the LED canopy over my face; it’s cosy and comfortable, and I relax for the next 15 minutes.

I ask Kelly to explain LED treatment to me, in a nutshell. “It’s making your cells have a rave!” The LED lights give our cells a massive boost, renewing them, increasing collagen and improving blood circulation. As well as that, it makes our skin brighter, clearer and more hydrated.

To test that theory, I ask Kelly to check my skin’s hydration levels once more. 65, 64, 56... incredible! Take that stuffy air-conned office; I will beat you! As I drive home, I find myself staring in the rear-view mirror. My skin looks so healthy; cleaner, firmer, plumper, smoother... and those pesky fine lines have disappeared.

The next morning in my bathroom, the sunlight catches my face - and my skin is absolutely glowing. What the Super Charged Facial has taught me is that I wasn’t taking good care of my skin. I was naïve and lazy, and I couldn’t see that my skin was suffering. I’m now fully committed to my daily skincare routine. I’ve bought the basics from the incredible Dermalogica range; cleanser, toner, moisturiser and the eye cream – I’m not getting any younger after all! I want my skin to look and feel this good all the time.

A huge thank you to Kelly and The Barn for my new face. I promise I won’t use facewipes ever again!

The Super Charged Facial has been designed by Kelly using the latest technology. She is no doubt a skincare specialist, both incredibly passionate and knowledgeable – the ultimate skincare geek! Ladies, if you want your skin to be at its’ very best, inside and out, book your course now. You will not regret it.

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