Our visit to Facebook HQ

You may have spotted (if you follow us on social media) that we visited Facebook HQ in London a few weeks ago.

Well, we’ve had to keep quiet until now, but now we can reveal all... The Barn has been chosen to be part of Facebook’s first SME Council!

There are 2.4 million small businesses on Facebook in the UK - and we got picked! We’re super proud and excited to be working with one of the biggest organisations in the world!

Kelly and Leah, our new PR gal, visited the London HQ and met members of Facebook’s incredible team as well as people from SMEs across the UK.

They spent some time with Facebook’s creative team, their new dedicated account executive (the lovely Tanya!) and attended workshops, feedback sessions and briefings - they also received a Facebook hoodie (we’re jealous!)

Kelly said: “It was an incredible event; the Facebook team are so enthusiastic, knowledgeable and helpful, and we learnt so much! We’re really looking forward to working with Tanya to raise the Barn’s profile!”

The Facebook SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) Council has brought together 15 rapidly-expanding small businesses from across the country to form the first UK SME Council - we’re delighted to be one of them!

For The Barn, it means we are able to work with the incredible team at Facebook, who will help us to better understand how to make our business thrive, as well as to share best practice and learn from other SMEs.

The Council will meet twice a year to discuss any challenges, solutions and new ideas. We can't wait!

Kelly HooperComment