Everything you ever wanted to know about laser hair removal (we hope!)

Hair removal. Us ladies talk about it in casual conversation, but do any of us admit to how much of our time it consumes on a weekly basis.

From the basics of legs and armpits, to the bits we don't want to talk about (any men reading this - look away now); the upper lip, maybe a few stray chin hairs or unwanted sideburns.

As a dark-haired, semi-hairy kinda gal, body hair and how to remove it has been a preoccupation of mine since my teenage years. I can’t even count the numerous nicks and cuts endured from shaving, the aftermath of ingrown hairs from epilating and the wincing caused by a pre-holiday wax.

I took the plunge into the laser hair removal world last year, and like most people I asked myself if would it be worth the money (it’s actually quite reasonable nowadays), if it would hurt (it makes me jump more than anything), and if it would even work (and it really does!)

I started with an area that had been bothering me for years. I can’t even describe the impact this patch of hair had on me; from feeling super self-conscious to irritated by the constant, daily hair removal routine.

So I booked a consultation with Kelly; a certified IPL practitioner. She conducted a patch test and then patiently answered my 4000 questions about laser hair removal, including the expected: “But will it really work?” And guys… it really works.

I booked a course of 6 initially (which gives you a 30% discount), because I trusted Kelly’s knowledge and expertise. I remember after the first session I was so surprised at the results I asked Kelly whether I’d even need the other sessions. That’s how amazing it is - the hairs literally fell out after one session (it’s ridiculously satisfying).

Kelly explained the cycle of hair growth* to me and why I should continue with the course. She was right, as she always is. I am now hair-free in my problem-area; I’m only annoyed at myself that I didn't do it sooner.

There’s just one issue; laser hair removal is definitely addictive. I went on to book courses for bikini and upper lip, and I know I’ll book more. Laser hair removal isn't as expensive as you think and it’s totally worth it. My mission to be a hair-free goddess (apart from the hair on my head) is on!

For those of you thinking of joining me in a hair-free world, here are some helpful tips:

How does it work? IPL by iPulse is a new type of hair removal technology which uses light to disable the hair follicle so that it will not produce another hair.

Can anyone have it? Laser hair removal works best on light skin and coarse, dark hair, but The Barn have had superb results with individuals with all ranges of skin and hair colour, so book a consultation to find out more!

Can you get anything done? Any hair near your eyes is an obvious no-go area, but the rest of your bod is fair game. If there isn't a course that covers your problem area, speak to Kelly as she can tailor a course for you.

Does it hurt? I find my upper lip a bit more sensitive, but it’s not pain-pain, more like a hot flash of light - which makes me jump and Kelly laugh! The other areas I’ve had done haven't hurt at all. I guess everyone’s different but that shouldn't put you off. It’s certainly no more uncomfortable than all then other hair removal methods!

How much does it cost? Buying in bulk will serve you best. With 30% off a course of six, I will never have to wax my top lip again - all for the amazing price of £168!

Can I pay for single sessions instead of a course? Yes, but The Barn recommend a course of 6. *This is because it can take 6-12 weeks for hair to grow from the papilla to show above the skin. We want to make sure we capture all of those pesky hairs, not just the ones currently sprouting. On average you will need 6-10 sessions every 4-8 weeks.

How long does it take? Depending on what you’re having done, it’s fairly quick. I’ve been in and out in 10 minutes. Legs, being a larger area, obviously take longer.

Does it really work? YES! The Barn guarantee 75-95% permanent hair reduction.

If you want to bring an end to unwanted hair and stop the need for waxing, shaving, epilating and plucking, book a free consultation with Kelly. She’ll do a patch test, discuss your individual needs and answer any of your questions - if I haven't already answered them.

Prices are here.

I look forward to welcoming you in my hair-free club (it's very exclusive...) Leah x

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