Briony’s summer beauty tips

We asked the lovely Briony about her top tips for summer beauty and skincare. After all, this gal always has beautiful, glowing skin.

So, what’s her secret? (Other than she works at the best beauty salon in Somerset, obvs!) Here are her top tips for healthy skin this summer:

Wear less make-up

“I tend to wear less make-up in the summer. Make-up likes to move around when it's hot, so the best way to avoid that is to wear less of it” Briony says. “I use Dermalogica Sheer Tint in summer - it looks super dewy and natural!”

The lightly-tinted hydrating treatment provides an all-day sheer wash of colour, with, light-diffusing iron oxides for radiant skin. It also has an SPF built-in to protect from damaging UV rays. Awesome.


Your skin may be lacking moisture in the summer, whether due to the sun, travel, pool, or simple outdoor activities. Keep your skin hydrated with a quick spritz of Dermalogica multi-active toner.

“It comes in a travel size which is perfect for putting in your bag for daily use, or after air travel.” Briony says.

Lots of water and fresh fruit

Yes, yes… we all know we should be doing this anyway, but water accounts for 70% of the body, so as well as hydration, it’s also essential for keeping our skin’s elasticity, and looking healthy and glowing.

If your skin’s water content is less than 10%, it becomes dehydrated. Dehydration in the skin weakens its defence and creates skin sensitivity, irritation, and premature ageing.

Briony says: “The best way to get glowing healthy skin is simply to drink more water! I have a marked bottle at home to monitor how much I’ve drank.”

Fresh fruit restores minerals and vitamins in your body, and some can even reduce your body temperature.

Wear sunscreen

There's no question on how important sunscreen is. Sunbathing without the right protection, or long exposure to the sun, increases the risks of skin diseases and guarantees early skin ageing.

“I’m more religious about sunscreen in summer, naturally. I make sure my moisturiser contains an SPF and i make sure I cover my ears and lips - the places most people forget!” Briony says. Your lips are prone to damage as they only have 3-5 layers of skin, compared to 16 like the rest of your body.

Briony uses Sun Soul; the innovative range of anti-ageing, water-resistant sunscreens from [ comfort zone ] which boost the skin’s natural defenses and protect the skin’s DNA before, during and after exposure.

“I love the sun milk; it’s non-greasy and ultra-light - plus it smells amazing!”

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