Scrubbing up nicely

Proper exfoliation is essential for healthy, glowing skin, but overdoing it, or choosing the wrong method or product, can really damage your skin.

Clients often ask us, “How do I get glowing skin?” Here’s what we tell them: exfoliate!

Your skin regenerates itself constantly, producing about one million skin cells every 40 minutes. As new skin cells move towards the surface, older cells harden, lose moisture and detach from the skin.

However, things like age, pollution and weather play a role in dead skin cells not shedding themselves naturally, so they can often sit on the surface of the skin, alongside microscopic bits of dirt and pollution. Urgh.

“As we age, our cell turnover gets sluggish and we could use a little help” says skin expert Kelly Hooper. “Exfoliation accomplishes a few things at once: it reduces signs of premature ageing, decongests pores, brightens the skin, improves texture and allows other products (such as your moisturiser) to penetrate more deeply, thus being more effective.”

Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant is our go-to product for exfoliation. Its unique rice-based powder microfoliates dulling debris (or what we call dead skin and dirt) and instantly leaves the skin noticeably smoother and brighter.

“Daily Microfoliant is a white powder that you tip into wet hands and work into a creamy paste. It’s not scratchy; you can hardly feel the particles at all, so it’s gentle enough to be used every day - hence the name!” says Kelly.

Your exfoliation regimen is totally dependent on your individual skin needs. Our skin therapists can advise you on which products to use and how often to exfoliate. Contact us to book your free skin consultation.

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