My journey to fit skin

I started my Dermalogica journey in February this year.

Previously I was a ‘facewipe-in-the-evening-if-I-remembered’ kinda girl, slapped on a bit of moisturiser (any!) and that was that. I had no obvious skin issues; a few fine lines here and there (well, I am 35!), a bit of dryness, but no real complaints.

However, each time I visited The Barn I was met with dewy, luminous skin - and I wanted it. What made their skin look so healthy and glowing? The answer was Dermalogica.

As Kelly says: "There's no reason why anyone can't have great skin!” No matter what your skin type or condition, there are products in the Dermalogica range that will work for you.

So, I began my Dermalogica journey...

I started with the dry skin kit (the contents of which have changed slightly since) containing the Essential Cleansing Solution, the Multi-Active Toner, Intensive Moisture Balance and the Intensive Eye Repair. I quickly got into a routine; as our lovely skin therapists say, "It can be done in an ad break!”, and I soon began to see the benefits.

My skin felt cleaner (no wonder!), refreshed and seriously more hydrated. It felt softer, plumper and was more luminous. More so, I enjoyed the routine and felt like I was making a positive difference to my skin.

Months on and my routine has essentially stayed the same. I’ve added a few products here and there, and I continue to try new products as they launch as well as listening to the advice of the experts around me. I really care about what I put in and on my skin now.

Adding some new AGE smart products to my regime has really boosted my skin (thanks Briony!) Lately friends whom I haven't seen for a while, comment on my skin when they greet me! And I know my skin is better; it’s more hydrated, it’s softer, it’s firmer. I can feel it and I can see it.

Here’s my new daily skincare routine:


Essential Cleansing Solution

Your skin is hard at work overnight, detoxifying and regenerating, leaving a layer of dead cells on the surface of the skin. Urgh. So yes, a quick wipe over of this in the morning is a must!

Multi-Active Toner

A few spritzes of this ultra-light, hydrating toner follows. Using a toner allows for better moisture absorption; getting your skin ready for all the goodness on its way. It’s so refreshing and not remotely uncomfortable on my skin as previous toners have been.

Dynamic Skin Recovery

This is a super hydrating anti-ageing product. I added it to my regime because it has an SPF in which my previous moisturiser didn't. I really want to protect my skin. It’s lightweight, silky and smells lovely.



I'm slowly adding to my Derma collection and recently bought Precleanse. Precleanse is the first step of the Dermalogica Double Cleanse regime. The oil grips hold of makeup, suncream, sebum, any dirt and pollution on the face… Adding water turns it into a milky residue which lifts the debris and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean!

Essential Cleansing Solution and Multi-Active Toner (as above)

Super Rich Repair

Super Rich Repair is a thick, heavyweight cream that tackles dry, dehydrated skin whilst you sleep and replenishes your skin's moisture levels. A little goes a long way! I absolutely love the way my skin feels in the morning after using this; soft, super hydrated and plump. It's delicious!

Nightly Lip Treatment

I only have a sample of this at the moment so haven't been using it long, but already I can see that my fine smile lines have disappeared! I suffer from dry lips and this product is divine; it’s tingly (in a good way), super moisturising and non-greasy - I’ll definitely be buying it!

Age Reversal Eye Complex

A grain-of-rice-sized amount completes my routine. Slowly improving my dark circles; a super gentle and nourishing cream.

So there it is - my new skincare routine. Looking at it, I can’t believe how different my routine is now. It may seem like a lot of work, but it really isn’t. It doesn't take me any longer than five minutes - honest! And as Dermalogica say, I’m making an investment in my future skin.


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