The Barn in Brussels

As many of you will have seen, The Barn was in Brussels, Belgium this week attending the Facebook Gather event.

Lots of people have been asking us what it's all about...

The Barn was selected to be part of Facebook UK's SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) Council a few years ago.

The Council is a group of innovators and entrepreneurs from different industries across the UK. Facebook provide us, the Council, with resources and education to help us to grow our business, and we help them improve their digital tools and solutions so they can better serve other businesses on Facebook. It's a partnership.

Working with Facebook has opened up many opportunities for The Barn, not least those which build our profile nationally and now, internationally.

For the first time, Facebook brought together over 250 business owners from 15 countries in Europe, to connect us to an international network of like-minded people, who are all thinking about the future growth and success of their business.

Kelly and Leah, our marketing manager, enjoyed a 2-day conference with internationally-renowned speakers, expert panels and masterclasses to provide them with practical tips and know-how, and insights into the latest trends in the world of business.

Kelly HooperComment