Remedy Cream

Remedy Cream


What is it?

Soothing hydrating Cream. Light texture which is not oily, it reinforces your skins’s defence to hydrate and please the skin. Best for sensitive and redness prone skin types.

Why we love it!

Just after one use, your skin feels like silk, looks super bright. Once you have used it, you wont live without it. Slightly different from the best seller - Daily Microfoliant as it contains a few different enzymes as well as AHAs - skin smoothing acids - which munch away at the skin. The charcoal helps to deeper clean your skin and remove impurities and pollution. Especially great if you are in the city as pollution is currently ageing us 17% faster. This product has punch, you’ll definitely see a difference using it.

How to use it!

Use both morning and night to help defend your skin from harsh climates and daily stresses. Works well with Remedy Oil.

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