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What is it?

Maybe Kelly’s favourite product of all time! Preclense is an amazing ‘pre cleanse’ oil to remove make up, dirt, pollution and anything else that may be sitting on your skin. Even a slightly oily skin can benefit from this product. A really lightweight Olive and apricot kernel based cleansing oil with other amazing oils such as borage seed, rice bran, vitamin E and kukui to fortify & condition the skin. We know that oil removes oil, and this product certainly does, you won’t feel clean until you have used this product.

Why we love it!

Honestly, there’s no other product like it. Once you have used it, you’ll never go back. Make up melts away, the dirt of a city is removed and you feel super clean. Not only this, your skin feels nourished and the glow is restored, you don’t feel oily at all.

How to use it!

Create a small pool of oil in the palm of your hand and massage all over your face. You can use this over your eyes too, although some people find it senstive - if thats the case choose soothing eye make up remover first - but Kelly uses this on her eyes every night and has no problem. It will literally melt away everything sat on your skin including waterproof make up. Once massaged in, wet your hands and massage over your face to emulsify the product - you’ll see it go milky - this makes its water soluble and easy to remove. Remove with facial sponges or flannel. Use your favourite cleanser after to cleanse the skin. Prequels removes dirt and make up, your cleanser will cleanse your skin. 54% of women still go to bed with their make up on even after cleansing, so make sure you double cleanse. The difference in your skin will be super noticeable.

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