Special Cleansing Gel

Special Cleansing Gel

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What is it?

One of the best selling soap-free cleansers!

For those who love a foaming gel, special cleansing gel is suitable for all skin conditions. Refreshing lather thoroughly removes impurities, without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance. This iconic cleanser, which contains naturally-foaming Quillaja Saponaria, gently rinses away toxins and debris to leave skin feeling smooth and clean. Lightweight and mild enough to use every day, it also features calming Balm Mint and Lavender extracts to soothe the skin.

Why we love it!

We haven’t met many people that don’t! Its light, its soap free - which means no drying of the skin and no stripping of the natural barrier. We find a lot of people only feel ‘clean’ if they have a foaming action or use their cleanser with water. Whatever cleanser you use - you will be clean - however if you are a fan of using water when cleansing or in the shower this cleanser will be you new best friend! It was one of the originally cleansers when Dermalogica was founded in 1984!

How to use it!

You won’t need much more than a 20p size, mix up on wet up hands and add extra water to get a gentle foam - you wont’ get it really foamy as there is no soap or in it (this is a good thing, soap is super stripping of the skin) - massage over the face avoiding the eye area over the sink or in the shower. Rinse well with water and apply your toner/mist, followed by your prescribed serums/boosters/serums. This product is great for morning and night use and amazing after precleanse/precleanse balm. They make the perfect cleansing duo!

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