Pilates & Wellness Workshop

Pilates & Wellness Workshop


Join us for a evening of wellbeing, inspiration and motivation for the mind & body. This workshop offers a taster session of dynamic pilates & nutritional advice along with the brand new product line from [ comfort zone ] Body Active. Teamed up with Juice Collective, Pukka Tea and goodies from Moist this 2 hour workshop will educate all how to intensify your health and fitness. 

Introducing a brand new range from [ comfort zone ] Body Active is is dedicated to those who want to intensify their sports activity for a well-defined and fit body. This workshop offers a dynamic 30 minute session of pilates led by Pilates teacher & Nutritional Therapist Juliette Grove whilst feeling the intensity of these brand new products on your body. The workshop will also include a nutritional talk to help you detoxify. Rosie from [ comfort zone ] will give you fitness beauty tips, whilst Kelly Hooper will end the evening showing you the new salon treatment which incorporates bamboo massage and showing you how a salon treatment can be just as effective as a workout for increasing metabolism as well as delivering health and lifestyle tips. 

This 2 hour fully packed workshop will leave you motivated and inspired.

Date: July 13th
Time: 18:30 - 20:30
Tickets: £20


  • Tickets are limited to 20

  • Free gift for each guest

  • Each guest must be medically fit for pilates. Doesn’t matter if you haven’t done Pilates before - this will be a great intro!

  • Guests joining us - Juliette Grove & Rosie from [ comfort zone ] 

  • Collaborating with Juice Collective, Pukka Tea & Moist 

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