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NEW facials and launch offers

Our lovely Italian stockists [ comfort zone ] and Skin Regimen have launched two new facials with one of them being detoxifying.

Skin Regimen - Urban Detox Facial 

The perfect antidote for everyone to detox the skin from pollution and to specifically fight imperfections and adult acne. The /skin regimen/ Detox Peel-off with Chlorella and plant-based Charcoal captures impurities and facilitates their removal and, thanks to White Ginseng Root, effectively rebalances and energizes the skin. Customizable with the selection of one of the Boosters. The synergy of Qigong and Rolling Roulage massage, the Macro Waves Sound™ and the brand’s Natural Aroma, recharges the skin and the mind.

This facial counteracts the effects of stress and environmental daily pollution which intoxicate the skin and accelerate the aging process. Ideal also to keep sebum production under control and reestablish the optimal level of hydration.Skin and mind are detoxified and reinvigorated.

1 hour treatment - normal price £70 - launch offer price £35

[ comfort zone ] - Sublime Skin Hormon-ageing Facial

Designed to alleviate the undesirable effects of Hormon-Aging™ on both skin and emotions, the treatment counters skin thinning, extreme dryness, loss of skin density and any feelings of fragility. Thanks to two special massage techniques, Dermal Petrissage and Kobido, the facial reactivates cellular communication, offering deep regeneration of the skin and a new-found serenity and vitality.

Hormones play a significant role over the course of every woman’s life. Their cyclical fluctuations can influence the physical, mental and emotional well-being. Hormones are like messengers that send signals to adjacent and distant cells, ensuring their proper functioning. With the advent of menopause, the estrogen and progesterone drop triggers significant changes at various levels of the body. Beside general alterations such as different fat distribution and hot flashes, they also influence the emotional sphere with mood swings and depression.

At skin level, the main distinctive consequences of the hormonal deficiency are extreme dryness, loss of density and thinning skin, together with an acceleration of the typical signs of aging, such as wrinkles and sagging.

Hormon-AgingTM is the aggravated aging process that results from an “anarchy” in the skin, generated by the drop in hormones and the consequent impaired communication network among cells. As a result, the activity of the collagen production centers, the fibroblasts, and the functioning of the skin barrier are weakened.

1 hour 15 min treatment - normal price £80 - launch offer price £40

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