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/ This month it’s 20% off all waxing treatments.

From an eyebrow to a full bikini wax, waxing will generally keep you smooth for a few weeks, whilst not needing your next appointment for 4-6 weeks after.
This also includes male waxing too!

Take a look at our full list of Lycon waxing treatments;

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  • Not valid with Kelly (apart from male intimate waxing)

  • Valid throughout June only

  • Subject to availability 

  • Not valid with any other offer or discount

  • Book online, don’t pay online

/ Prom queens

We want you to glow!

Spray tans £15 for you and your friends

If this summer you are a prom queen, you can get a Vita Liberata Spray Tan for £20 or if two or more of you book st the same time, you’ll all get one for £15 each.


  • Valid for prom queens (GCSE or A LEVEL proms

  • Two or more have to come at the same time to receive the discount of £15

  • £20 for single booking 

  • Subject to availability 

  • Not valid with any other offer or discount


Join us for fun, informative events & workshops throughout the year.

Our events are usually limited to 20 guests and all of them promise to be educational, hands-on, a fantastic way to learn new tips from our industry and an opportunity to ask the questions you need to know.

Tickets can only be purchased online.

2019 events and workshops will be posted soon!


Keeping it Natural Make up Event.

Friday 14th of June at 7pm

Join us for this informative but simple event on how to get the best natural make up. If you don’t want to wear much make up or you want to achieve a natural look or you struggle with your day to day look - this event is for you!

We will teach you how to create a 10 minute look, how you only need 5 items in your make up kit and how to get that fresh face look without looking like you have a lot of make up on!

Simple, day time, fresh faces leaving you inspired and not bewildered by the choice of make up available now!

Two live demos will kick off this evening, and after we will be around to help you create your best look! Play with the make up and find your go-to product!

£15 ticket including goodie bag for everyone. And of course of glass of something sweet!

30 tickets available

Tickets available online only

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Join Rebecca Miller at the Barn Somerset for an afternoon of Yin and Cake.

Yin is the feminine, the moon, the dark, the still, passive and cool.

Yin Yoga is a slower more passive and stable style of yoga and postures are held for longer periods of time than you would in a more yang style class like Hatha or Vinyasa. Postures can be held from 30 seconds up to 2 mins or longer depending on the pose.

The practice of yin yoga focuses on stretching the connective tissues around the joints, mostly focusing on seated poses mainly working with the knees, pelvis, sacrum and spine accessing deeper layers of fascia to increase flexibility. During this practice there is also a focus on breath work (pranayama).

Yin is a beautiful practice that encourages stillness and introspection and can bring a lovely feeling of freedom in both the body, mind and energetic self.

Join Rebecca at the Barn Somerset this summer to explore 2x hours of Yin Yoga, followed by relaxation and a yummy plant based slice of cake and herbal teas to end.

Date: Sunday 14th July 2019

Time: 2pm - 4:30pm

Cost: £25

Please contact Rebecca on info@rebeccamilleryoga or what’s app +44 7827711950 to book a space

Mindfulness Meditation Day Retreat for Health & Wellbeing

Sunday 23rd June 11-4pm & Sunday 11th August 11-4pm

“Breathing in I notice I am breathing in
Breathing out I notice I am breathing out”
The Buddha

The Barn offers you an opportunity to go on a mini mindfulness retreat – a whole day set aside for you to integrate ancient wisdom into your busy life and learn practical tools and methods to stay positive and to make the most of your life.

Life can move at a relentless and demanding pace. So often we find ourselves on auto-pilot, doing one thing with our body while our mind is caught up in something completely different. Mindfulness offers the invitation to come into the freshness of the present moment: to know what is happening while it’s happening.

Mindfulness, stemming originally from Buddhist meditation practices, was first used by Jon Kabat-Zinn in his Stress Reduction Clinic at Massachusetts University. It has proven benefits in improving wellbeing, reducing stress and anxiety and increasing our ability to appreciate and enjoy life. The scientific evidence and clinical research that underpins mindfulness is strong and growing. It shows positive effects on several aspects of whole person health, including mind, brain, body and behaviour, as well as our relationships with others.

Mindfulness can also help if you are feeling that life is moving too fast and your mind is all over the place, and you would like to be able to slow down and live in the moment and appreciate things more. Anyone can learn how to meditate. You do not need to 'clear your mind' in order to practice mindfulness; everyone's mind is full of thoughts. You also don't need to 'be good at meditation'; a mindful awareness allows and encompasses all of our experience whether we feel calm and relaxed or restless and fidgety.

During the retreat’s guided meditations and mindful body scans, you will have an opportunity to settle your mind, relax deeply and pay attention to the present moment - as well as to connect with nature and the world around you. It is a chance to take a day out to be mindfully present with thoughts, emotions and physical sensations in the body, supported by an attitude of kindness and compassion.

Being present with everything, allowing what ever happens to come and go, leads to a place of stillness. A place where we can wisely meet the entirety of who we are with awareness and kindness.

Mindfulness may not change our situation but it can help how we are with it. We can stand back from emotional conflict. We can become kinder, more compassionate and wise.

Rosalyn Chissick (MNFSH, Mindfulness Association) has been practising healing for 14 years, and at the Barn for 9 years. She works as a healer and group facilitator at Penny Brohn UK, a charity that provides integrative care to people affected by cancer, where she also runs 8-week mindfulness courses and a weekly mindfulness follow-up group. Rosalyn brings to her work a passionate commitment to every individual’s right to flourish.

The retreat includes a nutritional yummy lunch and a fresh juice from The Juice Box Cargo. It will be held partially in the great outdoors in our beautiful Somerset setting. We will provide everything you need including yoga mats and eye pillows.

We have two available dates with 10 spaces on each.
Mindfulness Day Retreat with lunch and juice £55 per person.
If you would like to join us on either or both, please let us know.



Rest & Renew with Rebecca Miller

We invite you to come and enjoy an afternoon of Rest and Renew.

Sunday 30th June 2pm - 6pm

Over the last few years since Rebecca became a mum and experienced some stress in her life she has been practicing yoga in a very gentle and self loving way to overcome both stress and anxiety.

In our modern world we spend so much time doing and giving and often feel guilt or are made to feel guilty about resting, self care and really taking time our for ourselves.

She invites you to The Barn for an afternoon of Restorative yoga, breath work and Yoga Nidra. A space where you are given permission to rest, to let go of long held tension.

The afternoon will begin with some breath work, moving in to a restorative yoga practice, where you will work with a sequence of very gentle yoga poses and will be supported by bolsters and pillows to allow the body to feel completely supported, releasing tension from the body, mind and breath and calming the nervous system.

There will be a break for tea and healthy treats and a chance to ask any questions you may have or simply just to lay on your mat.

The day will end with a guided Yoga Nidra practice which is a very powerful meditative/relaxation technique where the body is guided in to an increasingly relaxed state and the mind is still conscious and aware. A one hour yoga nidra practice is equivalent to 5-6 hours of sleep. The practice of yoga nidra is sleep without sleep, you will be guided in to the state between waking and sleeping. The practice of yoga nidra is beneficial for everyone, but it can be extremely beneficial for this suffering with insomnia, stress or anxiety.

The cost for this session is £40 please book in advance as spaces are limited.

Rebecca currently lives in India with her family teaching yoga. She has taught & practiced yoga all over the world and also in the process of setting up her beautiful venue with 12 huts and a huge yoga studio in Goa. She’s back for the Summer for a few months, so come join her for some escapism.

Please contact Rebecca directly to book this