The Barn is full stockists of four big worldwide brands, this is to back up our professional treatments and to let you carry on your home care regime outside the treatment room.

Jessica (Natural Nail Care)

Considered the world's leading authority on natural nail care, Jessica Cosmetics understands what it takes to achieve and maintain naturally beautiful nails. With over 200 award winning colours to choose from and full range of nail care products to maintain, treat and protect nails, everyone can have beautiful natural nails.

Jessica Nails was started in the 1970s when Jessica Vartoughian started her own nail salon in America. As her reputation as a manicurist grew, celebrities became her clients and referrals poured in. Jessica Cosmetics and the Jessica Nails range is now known around the world.

Movie stars, models and VIPs regularly have their manicures at the renowned Jessica Clinic on Sunset Boulevard, in Los Angeles, as well as being avid users of the Jessica Nail Products.

The Barn stock most of the colours of the Jessica range, and always has the latest collection of nail colours.

Mii Cosmetics

What is beauty?

Okay, we're not going to pretend that we have the answer to a question that has challenged some of the greatest artist, poets, philosophers and fashion editors on the planet.

But we can tell you what we think it isn't. Beauty isn't about wanting to be someone else. Beauty isn't fake. And especially isn't about showing heavily retouched images of celebrities and claiming a mascara or a lipstick can do the same for you.

Beauty is often simply about having the confidence to be yourself. And Mii is a cosmetics range that allows just that. We've taken the feedback of thousands of women who use beauty salons to develop a totally new range of makeup. One that makes you feel beautiful whoever you are.

Giving you the confidence to create a look that is uniquely, completely, unmistakably you.

So when you look in the mirror, you can say.....That's Mii.