Indulge yourself with one of our bespoke signature treats for pure relaxation and inner calm. All treatments are carried out by the most passionate of therapists in a tranquil environment cradled with character. Our therapist's touch helps promote the body to self-heal, as well as relieving physical and emotional tension.


A blissful full-body retreat. Customising an aroma scent, our therapists work over the body from head to toe, drawing out tension and healing the mind, body and soul. 



A special treat for mums-to-be. This treatment starts with a full body massage to ease the mind, putting you into a deep state of relaxation. Slow, sleepy movements help rejuvenate heavy legs and arms or a tired back, while a conditioning masque applied lovingly to your bump brings comfort for both mother and baby, during this sometimes uncomfortable period.

This is the perfect treat for expecting mums (suitable from after the first trimester).



Awaken your senses with this luxurious treatment. Your entire body is cleansed and exfoliated using Dead Sea salts packed with soothing sandalwood and lavender, as well as purifying lemon and tea tree. Followed by a full-body brush, your body is then cocooned in a body mask of oatmeal, soy milk, lavender and honey, to deeply nourish and restore lustre to your skin. Ending this experience with a Barn retreat massage. You will emerge feeling revived, rejuvenated and radiant. 



Indulge your hands with this gentle, soothing therapy. Sea salt is applied to the hands and arms gently buffing away impurities and dead skin, while releasing aromas of sandalwood, lavender, purifying lemon and tea tree. Your hands are enveloped with a sweet scent of oatmeal, soy milk, lavender and honey, combined to nourish and soothe. Ending on a soothing and dreamy massage, your hands will be velvety soft and revitalised.



Designed to provide deep nourishment and vitality to the legs and feet. This unique treatment, rich in minerals and herbs, deep cleanses the skin while dispelling impurities with a Dead Sea salt scrub. The application of a detoxifying masque will leave your legs feeling firm and renewed. The fusion of aromas in the massage oil aids blood circulation and restores balance, suppleness and elasticity to the skin. 



A facial ritual, focusing on pressure-point massage to help relieve stress, draining congestion and promoting healthier skin. An experience bringing escape from the boundaries of everyday life.



A Dead Sea salt scrub is applied to the back. The salts release aromas of sandalwood, lavender, lemon and tea tree to remove dead skin, improving tone and texture. After removing the salts with steam towels, a signature massage is carried out focusing on tired, aching muscles.



A salt scrub gives a healing and purifying effect. A journey of total relaxation is experienced combined with exfoliating sea salt, refreshing hot mittens and a hydrating and refreshing moisturiser to restore suppleness to the skin.



A massage-lovers dream. A two-hour long treat incorporating infrared heat technology and signature massage, which loosens tight muscles, improves circulation, and soothes and nurtures your body, sending you into another realm of relaxation. A conditioning masque is applied and removed with botanical-scented steamy towels, finished with a hydrating moisturiser oozing with aroma.



This treatment brings a touch of Thai-inspired movements. It concentrates on releasing the tension in your upper back, neck and shoulder area where physical and emotional stress often manifests. Lose yourself in this indulgent experience of deep rhythmical strokes and compressions. Allow the therapeutic effects of aromatherapy oils to uplift and free you physically and mentally.